Finding Time with Each Tick of the Clock

Time is concrete, absolute, and universal!Are you aware of every tick of the clock?

Time is absolute, concrete, and universal.  It is the same for everyone.  Whether you’re going with the flow or fighting it – each of your minutes has 60 seconds and each of your hours has 60 minutes.  That’s a baseline fact that you can rely on.

Tick, tick, tick…

Yesterday morning when I was doing my treadmill workout, I was reminded of this – and of how subjectively we each experience time.

I had the treadmill set for intervals. Each one was exactly the same.  No variation.  I noticed, however, that the intervals when I was running at top speed felt MUCH longer than the intervals when I was catching my breath!

It was truly remarkable to pay attention to the experience. The time felt REALLY different to me.  Once I realized this and started paying attention, I was able to remind myself that the seconds were counting down at the same rate, whether I was running or walking.

Are you aware of this feeling in the moments of your life? And do you find it helpful to remind yourself that, however it feels subjectively, the actual time increments are the same in every instance.

Try this simple reminder when you’re engaged in a task that you may not like — or when you’re waiting.  For me, it can be very grounding and enables me to let go, in the moment, and be more present.

Our power lies in our time choices, and in coming to an ever deepening awareness of our feelings and attitudes about time. Indeed, the more awareness you bring to time, the more power you will have!

How do you experience your minutes?  Your hours?  Leave a comment or drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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