Finding Time with Our 7 Favorite Time-Saving Tools

Finding Time ToolsFinding time is easier when you have time tools at hand that work well.  And one of the challenges, when it comes to finding time, is finding and using the most efficient and effective tools for YOU.

Note the emphasis.  Finding time isn’t necessarily about finding the newest, best or brightest  productivity tools.  It’s about what works best for you.  Being familiar with your tools goes a very long way toward increasing efficiency – so an old standby may work better for you than the shiny new object that everyone is excited about.

I find, too, that our relationship to time-saving tools shifts and changes as we navigate life’s developmental stages.  My son is much quicker to adopt a new technology than I am at this point in life. Interest plays a role as well.  For example, my VA is much more likely to explore something new because she is fascinated with such things, whereas I am inclined to stay much longer with what I know and am comfortable with.

So, this Cyber Monday on The Time Finder, we’d love to hear, in your comments, about your favorite tech tools for finding time.

Here are our favorites, to get the discussion started:

  • Google Voice is one of my VA’s go-to tools, as I often find it easiest to communicate with her via phone in the midst of my workday.  Google Voice makes my calls available to her on her computer – both as audio and as e-mails.  This allows her to address issues much more quickly, without needing to use her phone.
  • Remember the Milk is an excellent, flexible tool for tracking your to-do-list.  You can schedule recurring tasks, set it up to remind you (at customizable intervals) about items that are coming due, and have it interact with other on-line tools such as Evernote and Gmail.
  • Evernote is a tool that we use with great regularity for managing ideas and information.  Flexible, accessible on multiple-platforms, and intuitive, Evernote is a wonderful aid in blogging and product-development.  Highly recommended!
  • WordPress is the best blogging platform going, in our humble opinion here at The Time Finder!  We have been using it from the beginning, and have watched its steady and careful improvements through the years.  The WordPress community is active and friendly – always helpful when we have a question – and with great plugins like Zemanta and Tweet Old Post you just can’t go wrong!
  • HootSuite is one of many social-networking dashboards out there.  This is definitely a case where we find that familiarity is key.  HootSuite offers flexible and friendly features along with the ability to view and post to multiple platforms.  We find that it works great for us!
  • AutoHotKey is a text-expander that we originally learned about in an article by David Pogue some years ago – about his go-to-tools.  My VA picked up on AutoHotKey and has used it ever since.  What she loves about it the fact that you can set up frequently-used phrases, sentences – even paragraphs – to be triggered by a few keystrokes.  Using AutoHotKey, typing the letters fb, for example, will yield Facebook.  Or typing tf will translate to The Time Finder.  If you find that there are words or phrases that you use frequently, AutoHotKey can be a BIG time-saver.

So what are your top tools for finding time?  Share them in the comments so that we can all learn from one another … can’t wait to hear!

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  1. Sophie Bowns says

    Great tips here, thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

  2. Our tools change over time….there was a day when the internet was practically non-existent….looks as if it is our only constant! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great links thank you! Can’t wait to start using some if the ones I had never heard of like AutoHotKey.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth – and I’d love to hear what you think of AutoHotKey. If you have passages that you type a lot, it really helps, in our experience. There are other tools out there that perform similar functions, but this is the one we’ve been using. To your time success!

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