Finding Time With Some Quick Tech Tips on Cyber Monday

InternetFinding Time is a matter of being efficient in the small things, as well as the large. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, for example, saving a keystroke here and there can add up to lots of saved time and frustration over the long haul. Saving seconds will add up to minutes … and the minutes to hours … and so on.  No increment is insignificant, when we are talking about time!

This was why I was pleased to rediscover this piece by the New York Times’ David Pogue on “Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User.”  This is an eclectic collection of tips and you are very likely to find one or two that will be helpful to you immediately.  For example:

You can hide all windows, revealing only what’s on the computer desktop, with one keystroke: hit the Windows key and “D” simultaneously in Windows, or press F11 on Macs (on recent Mac laptops, Command+F3; Command is the key with the cloverleaf logo).

My VA was particularly pleased to learn this one.  She says it has saved her lots of time when she wants to open up something new from her desktop.

For those of us who are sometimes challenged by the size of the text on others’ blogs and websites, here’s another tech tip …

You can enlarge the text on any Web page. In Windows, press Ctrl and the plus or minus keys (for bigger or smaller fonts); on the Mac, it’s the Command key and plus or minus.

Basic tech tips like these can help you save time and frustration when you’re working on your Mac or PC.  Do you have any favorite tech tips to share?  I’d love to hear!

Speaking of sharing – I’ll be sharing my philosophy and beliefs about time in a webcast interview with Paula Harvey tomorrow evening at 5:30PM (PT) – 8:30PM (ET).  I’m very much looking forward to being interviewed by Life Transition Coach Paula Harvey and having a chance to describe my Heart-Based Time Management System.  I hope you’ll join us!

Again, here’s the link for the webcast.  I hope you can make it – but even if you can’t, you can submit a question on the webcast page.  You can listen to the replay and hear your question discussed at your convenience!

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