Finding Time with the Times Three Rule

Finding Time Turkey!Not to raise any time management red flags or anything, but have you noticed that Thanksgiving is nearly here, and Christmas and New Year’s are right behind? Your time choices today will definitely affect your experience on December 25th and January 1st, and even November 27th!By preparing for each upcoming holiday now, you’ll feel less stressed and more organized. Most importantly, you will find more time to enjoy friends and family throughout this special season. After all, that’s what it’s about!

Start planning for upcoming holidays soon – say, this Friday! Begin anticipating how you will approach Christmas, for example. If there are things you learned from your Thanksgiving experience, be sure to incorporate them as you move ahead.

Above all, be sure to resist that easy temptation of underestimating the time you will need to get ready. One time management rule of thumb related to holiday preparation is a constant, year after year – the “times three rule.”

Do you recall the “times two rule”? It states that everything on your To Do List will take twice as long as you anticipate. In the very busy time from October to January, you can confidently change this to the “times three rule”!

Nearly all of us experience the feeling that we don’t have the time to complete our numerous tasks between Halloween and New Year’s. You can pretty much count on feeling that way. But, when you expect the feeling, it is much easier to manage!

Finally, don’t forget to build in time for self care along the way. Setting time boundaries and saving time to relax and recharge will greatly reduce your stress and enhance your appreciation of this special time.

What works best for you tomorrow?  What lessons will you use during this holiday season? I’d love to hear your time management tales!

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