Finding Time with To Do Lists on Cyber Monday

To Do ListFinding time to look at some on-line to do lists seemed like a good idea this Cyber Monday, since we’ve been talking about managing to do lists!  While I tend toward paper-and-pencil for this task, many people that I talk to swear by their on-line tools.

In her recent post on Sitepoint, Alyssa Gregory offered an overview of some of the most popular tools for managing simple to do lists – To-Do Lists: 12 Online Tools for Organizing Your Tasks.

Remember the Milk is one of the on-line tools that we had written about in the past.  It is a feature-rich tool that my VA has used quite a bit and likes a great deal.

She was recently also intrigued by The On-Line CEO.  This is a much simpler tool which offers a very creative method for prioritizing your tasks.  It allows you to assign points to tasks on your list, thereby encouraging you to complete higher priority (higher point) items.

Last but not least by any means, I want to highlight OrchestrateHQ.  This tool makes it very easy to create and manage multiple To Do Lists.  For example, you might have tasks that you manage for Home – and then separate lists for Work, or School, or Volunteer Activities – you name it!

I invite you to read the rest of Alyssa’s post – there are 9 other interesting tools that she highlights there.

Do you use to do lists to help you manage your time?  What do you find particularly helpful about them?  Please drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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