Finding Time with TweetLater Twitter Tools

TweeterYour time management and time boundary skills can be greatly challenged by the many interesting temptations offered by the internet!  Twitter and Facebook alone – which are fabulous for social networking – can also easily become huge time traps.  How many of you sit down to respond to “a few Tweets,” and find yourselves, an hour later, happily Tweeting while your To Do Lists languish?  I’ve had this happen quite a few times!

How many of you sit down to respond to “a few Tweets,” and find yourselves, an hour later, happily Tweeting while your To Do Lists languish?  It’s happened to me quite a few times!

Enter TweetLater

That’s one reason I was so pleased to hear from Dewald Pretorius of the other day, with a new (and very useful) addition to his collection of Twitter tools!

The entire TweetLater collection includes:

  • Scheduling Tweets:  This is especially useful for those of us who like to share the occasional quotation or interesting tidbit that isn’t necessarily in response to an event or another Tweet.  It maintains your lively presence on Twitter, while freeing you to be off doing other things!  (You can schedule up to 12 status update tweets for any rolling 60 minute window!)
  • Reminders:  You can also use TweetLater to help manage your Twitter Time and serve as your personal reminder system.
  • Thank New Followers!  You can set up TweetLater to send automated, customized thank you Tweets to new followers.
  • Follow, too:  And, if you like, you can also automatically follow new followers.
  • @ Replies:  You can also ask TweetLater to periodically email you a digest of the @replies you have received.

What a time-saver!

These functionalities have saved me an amazing amount of time.  And speaking of saving time, if you’re like me, and not especially technologically inclined, Cathy Perkins, The Word Press Wizard, has posted a step-by-step video that walks you through the setup process.  I highly recommend it!

The latest addition to the TweetLater toolbox may be the most exciting – Keyword Notifications!  Yes, you can now use TweetLater to notify you when people write Tweets that include keywords of interest to you!  Just enter keywords that you want TweetLater to monitor for you. They will then send you (at intervals you indicate) a digest e-mail with the Tweets that contain those keywords.

It’s a wonderful way to get a sense of what is happening on Twitter – and of new Tweeters you might like to get to know!  Check out these time-saving technological tools for yourself – and let me know how they work for you!

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