Finding Your Values and Charting Your Course

Stormy WavesFinding time and finding your footing, no matter what the circumstances, can be a tall order sometimes.

For example, while here in the Northeast, we were only mildly affected by Hurricane Ike. Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands along the Gulf Coast had their lives turned upside down by that terrible storm.

From one moment to the next, everything can change.

As I was contemplating my peach harvest last week, devastating storm surges were brewing in the Gulf. So, events like Ike remind me both of how quickly our plans and dreams can be upended, and of how precious life is.

Here’s one way your values help…

How do you navigate in a world where change can come so suddenly? What do you use to guide your way and maintain your course?

When I ask myself that question, what I come back to, always, are my core values. Like the North Star, or the needle of a compass, my values orient me – maybe most especially when times are rough.

In the midst of confusion or competing choices, your values help you stay connected to your heart.  They’ll keep you on course even if you can’t quite see the road ahead!

Have you seen this?

As we explore the theme of values here on The Time Finder, I’ll be sharing insights and resources that I discover in my travels.  For example … I was pleased to receive an e-mail update on Saturday from a blog that I enjoy: The Bridgemaker. (The blog had gone quiet for a while, and it turns out that its author Alex Blackwell had been working on some other projects.)

I highlight The Bridgemaker, because it speaks often and eloquently to the theme of values – their impact on our choices and on our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about values.

  • What values are core in your life?
  • What “values resources” have you found that speak to your heart?

And there’s more…

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