Fitbit Zombies? Your Time – Your Choice

Fitbit and Self-Care

Self-care and your Fitbit – a great team!

My Fitbit has been a very helpful addition to my exercise regimen and self-care efforts.  Do you have one?  (And do you use it?)

I appreciate its goal-setting flexibility and the way that it tracks my steps without my knowing.  (I used a pedometer for many years, but found it distracting and cumbersome.  The Fitbit, on the other hand, works away in the background as I go about my day, syncing with my computer when I’m  in range.)

Not too long ago my VA got a Fitbit, too.  Her first discovery really confirmed her suspicion about how little she was moving in a ‘typical’ day.  Computer work can be like that!

Getting this baseline information was an excellent wake-up call for her, and she immediately set herself the standard goal – 10,000 steps a day.  Overall, she reports that, with some planning and effort, it hasn’t been too difficult to meet that challenge.  Rainy days and special events can throw a wrench in the works, but when she’s able to, she anticipates those days and builds up some surplus steps before they arrive.

And beyond the good feeling of meeting her Fitbit goal, she reports that her energy levels have increased noticeably and, overall, she just feels better.

Fitbit – The Dark Side

Fitbit Zombies

Fitbit Zombies – when your effort comes from a critical place.

Fitbit Zombies – when your effort comes from a critical place, then your goal-setting becomes something that serves, not you but your negative and nagging inner critic.  Your exercise becomes less and less about self-acceptance and self-care and more about trying to attain some external ideal.

You aren’t acting from a well-spring of grounded self-reference – and I’ll wager that you’re not having much fun, either!

Disconnected from self-nurturance, your follow through on your Fitbit goals becomes more and more rote and mechanical. Compulsive, joyless and driven, you go through the motions.  Your heart isn’t in it, and yes, it is zombie-like.

When you’re working from this base, you are likely to get discouraged and/or rebellious.  Either way, your Fitbit is going to land in a drawer before too long.

Your Fitbit and Self-Care

The good news is that you have absolute power in this matter.  It’s the power of your time choices.  You decide what your motivation will be and what kind of energy your Fitbit goals will be grounded in.

The choices you make about this have a profound impact on how you follow-through, how you feel about the activity, and how you feel about yourself in general.

So, are you befriending yourself in a caring way as you work with your Fitbit?  Or are you an unreasonable, critical, and demanding task-master?

The choice is yours!

And if you’d like to learn more about the impact of self-criticism and how you can counter it, here’s something for you!

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