Fitness Tips at Your Fingertips for Energy (and Finding Time)!

Fitness Tips-Stretching!Fitness tips – like finding time for stretching – give you a real boost when it comes to staying on a healthy track.

This is especially true if you spend a lot of time working at a desk – or during times like the upcoming Holiday Season.

The actual choices, of course, have to be made by us, but fitness tips can sometimes give just enough of a push to help us make an energizing, healthy decision. Quite often it only takes a moment; but those moments build, and have a cumulative impact far beyond each incremental step.

Fitness Tips for the Holidays and Beyond

Last week I shared some timely tips for getting through the holidays without letting go of healthy habits – especially your exercise regimen. But this is important, not just for the Holidays, but year ’round.

Remember my post about Standing Up for Yourself?  That focused on some of the pitfalls of working long hours at a desk – and the positive impact that movement has on both your health and your productivity.

So that’s the power of a Chrome Extension that I’d like to share with you this Cyber Monday. It’s a wonderfully simple idea – and used well, it looks like it could have a profound effect, in that incremental way that is hardly noticeable while you are doing it!

Fitness Tips at Your Fingertips

The app is called FitBolt.  It comes in both a free and a paid (premium) version. What it does is offer, at intervals of your choosing, a pop-up reminder to stop, take a break, and do some kind of exercise.  These are brief, and designed to offer a quick break, change of position, and energy boost.

Here’s what it says about these tips, in the FAQ section of the site:

None of the exercises last more than about 60 seconds, and are designed to provide good physical stimulation for your muscles while getting your heart pumping. But nothing is so extreme that you will break out in a sweat, and the only person you have to answer to is yourself, so feel free to do any of the exercises at your own pace. Also as you will see from the instructional images in the notifications, all the movements and stretches can be done in business attire and won’t leave you looking like a mess afterwards.

The paid version of FitBolt includes nutrition tips and other suggestions about healthy choices you can make. My VA has shared that she is trying the free version to start, to learn more about how this app can work for her. Here’s a quick video that gives a brief overview of how to set up and start using FitBolt:

Of course, since it’s an application, it’s something you’ll see only when you are actually at your computer.  But, as my VA reports, the stretches and exercises are very useful to try anywhere.  And the fact that they are so quick and unobtrusive means that there’s no reason not to store them away for use as brief energy boosts whenever (and wherever) you want.

So I recommend that you give FitBolt a look.  See how some fitness tips can help keep you on top of your game as you move into this Holiday Season!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with FitBolt and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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