Flexibility and Goals – Can They Co-Exist?

Flexibility on the Beach

Flexibility and your goals – a powerful combination.

Flexibility is so important in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. And yet, what goals, dreams and ambitions seem to call for are qualities like focus, discipline, and determination.

So can you exercise flexibility and still hold goals as priorities? How is it possible to hold these two important attributes — flexibility and being goal-directed — and find time success?

Well, I’d like to suggest that setting goals actually enables flexibility and helps you develop and expand it. That’s because your goals provide you with parameters and direction. They frame your journey, and that frame allows you to become more fluid and flexible as you work to move along your path

Flexibility and Goals Working Together

The interplay between your goals and your adaptability and creativity is a very powerful contributor to your time success. Following are 4 Timely Tips that illustrate what I mean. .

1. Develop an Attitude of Expansiveness.

Encourage yourself to broaden your viewpoint and allow for more than one possibility. For example, you might combine two divergent ideas to create a new option that will enrich the outcome of your goal.

2. Discard Outworn Expectations.

When you find your goals thwarted, explore whether you are expecting life to play by rules you learned long ago. Let go of rigidity based on ‘should’s’ that needlessly restrict you. Encourage yourself to create a wider base.

3. Draw on Your Creativity.

Ask yourself “What if…” Try on different options until you find new connections. Encourage visualization and fantasy.

4. Be Willing to Ask for Help.

Find experts and ask for suggestions and feedback. Allow yourself to broaden the scope of your goal by engaging in problem-solving dialogue. Often an objective outsider will have just the solution you’re looking for!

Flexibility is all about expanding your possibilities. Combining this quality with any goal keeps you moving forward and helps transform frustrations and barriers into occasions for innovation and creative solutions.

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