Flexibility May Be the Missing Ingredient When You’re Stuck

Flexibility Helps

Flexibility Helps

Flexibility is an important time skill. It allows you to put your own unique ‘stamp’ on the tools in your time management toolbox.

That’s because ‘one size fits all’ certainly is NOT the case when it comes to managing your time. Indeed, if your stance toward time management is rigid, you are going to run into trouble, creating unnecessary stress for yourself and often getting stuck.

It is vital that you interject flexibility where it makes sense, adjusting to your own particular needs and style. This allows you to optimize your time management practices and, ultimately, to find more time.

Flexibility and Finding Time Tips

Here’s a great example:

I recently had an interesting response to one of my Finding Time Tips from a subscriber named Cathy. The tip was:

TIP: Tap the power of visualization to help coordinate your life.

ACTION STEP: Review your to-do list before going to bed, and visualize your next day. If your ‘trial run’ reveals possible logjams, jot down ways to overcome them. You’ll sleep better!

In her response to my tip, Cathy wrote:

I like visualizing as a way to ‘plan’ but doing it right before bed doesn’t help my sleep. It just makes my mind run with contingency planning and things to remember, even if I write them down.

Introducing Some Flexibility to the Mix

So, here’s how I responded to Cathy’s dilemma. I share it here so that you can take these ideas and adapt them in your life, too…

  • If visualizing your plan the night before keeps you awake, try something that just helps you sleep. For example, at night you might want to find an affirmation and repeat it like a mantra before you settle into bed. It could be something like, “I sleep deeply and awake refreshed.” You might find this very helpful as a nightly ritual.
  • Then, try planning in the morning rather than at night. For your visualization, find one area or activity that you’re excited about … or even apprehensive about. Visualize yourself being successful.
  • You could also plan by making a list without visualizing.

I hope you find these ideas helpful. The point is to let yourself approach your time tips and tools with a flexible mindset, knowing that they are for you and that adapting them to your needs is important.

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