Getting into the Flow — Something Time and Rivers Have in Common

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Let the flow carry you today.

Flow has such a gentle, inviting sound, doesn’t it? Flow is something you relax into. And once you’ve done that, then flow carries you.

So why do we struggle so with flow?

Flow can’t be forced.

The following passage from the Talmud is one that has always fascinated me.

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.

I find it especially interesting given the emphasis on efficiency and productivity in our 24/7, always plugged-in, always busy world.

So, what do you make of it?

For one thing, I’d say that this snippet clarifies the power dynamic between time and humankind. No matter what we do, time flows. Fighting it is an enterprise that offers no hope of success.

Watching the River

If you think of time as a river, the metaphor from the Talmud is clearer.  A river is a steady and powerful force. You hardly notice the current most days, but it’ there, moving all the time.

And trying to push back against a river is futile. The flow of the river’s water simply carries everything along with it.

It’s the same with time.

Time and the River

Living in time, we are always in that flow.  There is no denying or escaping that fact.

The clock ticks, the calendar pages turn, time moves constantly. And that flow will carry us if we relax and let it.

But what if we don’t want to be carried?

Fighting the flow…

Have you ever tried to stand up and hold your footing in a flood cresting river?  Your feet slip as the deluge pushes your body back with all the power and weight of the river.

You might be able to hold your own momentarily – but eventually, inevitably, the effort will exhaust you and you’ll be swept along, seemingly even faster than before.

Time and the river – these are just not things that you can force.

Going with the flow…

Meanwhile, imagine yourself floating on a tube down a river on a warm, sunny, late summer afternoon.  The water is moving along slowly and you’re moving along with it, enjoying the scenery.

What a different feeling that is. Rather than fighting the river, you use its power, letting it carry you effortlessly.

Does this metaphor resonate for you? Try not fighting time today.

So, try not fighting time today. Let it carry you, as you plan your day, prioritize, make time choices, and appreciate each moment.

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