Bring Yourself into Focus and Find Time and Energy

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Let your body help you find focus.

Finding focus is an excellent path to finding time. But sometimes we simply can’t tell when we’ve stepped over the line and moved from helpful concentration into rigidity.

In yesterday’s blog post I shared 3 steps you can take to find flexibility at the same time that you zero in on your tasks. This is a powerful productivity tool that saves you both time and energy while helping you become more effective and efficient.

But how do you know when you need to flex and when you need to amp up your concentration?

Well, what I’ve found is that your body holds this information and is constantly sending you messages. So the key is to pay heed to the information that is, quite literally, at your fingertips. Here’s one tip, to help you move away from rigidity when it starts to take over.

Focus Tip

Bring your body into focus.

What happens when you are over-focused to the point of becoming rigid? Do your movements become quick and irritable? Do you skip meals, and then feel deprived? Or do you find yourself wincing at that familiar twinge in your lower back?

Often your most reliable indicator of focus turning rigid is your twitching, aching, body. So, observing and ‘listening’ are key.

Action Step:

Learn your particular cues, and honor them by stepping back for a needed break. In fact, make a point of both scheduling and then taking regular breaks, even when you want to press on.

If your body continues to rebel, you might then explore whether tweaking your priorities can help rebalance you.

Brainstorm options, and learn what resonates, to support your health as well as your productivity.


Research indicates that open focus, or relaxed concentration, wins hands down over bulling your way through fatigue and discomfort. The very act of tensely pushing past your body’s alarm system restricts the vital flow of blood to your brain.

Relaxed focus, on the other hand, helps you assimilate more easily, and it sparks creative ideas. Think of how tunnel vision restricts your awareness. Tension also narrows your focus, adding to the danger of overlooking significant background information.

If you haven’t developed versatility with focus, don’t be discouraged. Your body wants to function at top effectiveness and will faithfully send you signals.

With practice, your ability to tune into progressively subtler cues will effortlessly enhance your effectiveness.

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