Finding Time and Focus On-Line: Tips from The WordPress Wizard!

Your computer puts worlds of information and opportunity at your fingertips.  It also offers worlds of distraction!  The time tools and time boundary skills that you develop for addressing this can spell the difference between your success and … maybe not your failure, but certainly less success!

MarketplaceThink about tsocial media, for starters.  Facebook and Twitter are wonderful venues for connecting with others sharing your interests – or with those who could benefit greatly from knowing about you and your expertise!

But be careful, don’t get ‘lost’!

Both Facebook and Twitter are like wonderful virtual town squares or marketplaces.  Everyone gathers there.  It’s where news is shared and commerce often takes place. Like the marketplace on market day, Facebook and Twitter are also places where it’s tempting to “fritter away” an afternoon.

Social media can be tricky that way, and it’s important to have a plan, and very good time boundaries, when venturing into these wonderful worlds!

Cathy Perkins, The WordPress Wizard, recently suggested that we set schedules for ourselves, spending 5 minutes on Twitter, twice a day.  She suggests a slightly longer time on Facebook, because it is a more complex medium.

In a recent blog post, Cathy also shared a great tool for Twitter – TweetLater.  It looks like it can be very helpful – both for responding to new followers and for setting up tweets to fire automatically at selected times during the days.

Time boundaries are key.

Creating and sticking to time boundaries when you are working on the internet can require your best time skills, and time boundaries, as well as healthy doses of self-discipline and “self-assertiveness.”  You can do it!

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