Focus on Your Minutes to Make Your Hours Shine

Wise choices - your minutes
Your minutes count.

Your minutes are the building blocks of your hours.

And yet, if you’re like many, you often overlook small increments of time, especially when you’re busy.

Finding time to get everything accomplished in the time that we have is a constant challenge. And unfortunately, sometimes it can feel like you’re just barely keeping your head above water. This is especially difficult when what you really want to be doing is focusing and appreciating each moment.

Your minutes hold your moments…

So how can you move away from overwhelm and toward thriving?

The answer is actually pretty simple.  Lord Chesterfield summed this up nicely, many years ago, when he stated:

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.”

When you are focusing on the present moment, laying aside worries about what lies ahead, you are going to be more efficient with your time and also have a fuller experience.

Not only that but chunking your tasks and activities into small increments allows you to come to completion multiple times throughout your day.  This is validating and energizing.

And your hours emerge from those moments…

As you use your minutes to achieve small goals, you’ll find that your larger goals are accomplished in your hours.  And this reduces your stress, worry, and bother in ways that will amaze you.

So how will you start focusing on the minutes and filling your hours to their fullest today? 

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