Focus by Setting Boundaries, and Optimize Your On-Line Time

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Focus is enhanced greatly when you set boundaries.

Focus is elusive in today’s world. That’s true in lots of places in our lives — and perhaps nowhere as much as on the web.

That means that time management and boundary-setting skills are nowhere more necessary than when we’re working or playing on-line.

To say that the internet has changed how we live and interact, and even think, may be an understatement. 

There is now so much information at our fingertips that it is possible to find answers to almost any question with a Google search or two. So, whenever a question or curiosity pops into your head, the temptation is to get the answer immediately. What that does, though, is pull you away from whatever you had been doing. Your focus?  Gone.

And the internet gives us a powerful tool for connecting and learning.  Facebook and Twitter and many other social networking sites offer opportunities to network.  New communities and businesses are springing up everywhere in cyberspace.  Meanwhile, powerful search engines chug away, mapping and knitting it all together with tags and keywords.

So, again, where’s the challenge in all this richness?

Focus.  Finding focus is the challenge.

Think about your typical time at the computer, and just observe your behavior as you answer these questions:

How long do you stay on task before you veer off course?  It might be an e-mail that pops up.  It might be a question that comes to mind and that you decide you need to explore right then.  Maybe you decide you need to check the news or the stock market.

What takes you off course, and how long is it before you return to your original task? When you’re on the computer today, pay attention to your focus.  It’s important to get an idea of where you are, before you start to work on making a change.

Then, your next step is to create boundaries to help you stay on track. Maybe you use a timer, or maybe you reward yourself for focused chunks of work.

You see, setting and maintaining boundaries is a skill that makes focus — and everything else in your life — possible. And it’s a difficult challenge for lots of smart, motivated people.

My new E-Guide Book titled “Your Secret Power: How to Honor Your Time and Claim Your Space with Boundaries” gently steers you to a more profound understanding of where and how your boundary-setting efforts get short-circuited. Not only that, but it helps you establish the boundaries you need to stay focused and unlock the door to your freedom.

Boundary-setting is a skill that’s learnable, doable and definitely within your reach. And the strategies, tips and exercises in “Your Secret Power” help you discover how to:

  • Set and maintain boundaries to enhance your productivity and, yes, make more money;
  • Recharge your energy so you have the time and freedom to do what you value and what you’d like to do in your life; and
  • Learn how to say no, which opens the door to your next big Yes!

Ready to start using boundaries to maximize your focus, time and energy? Click the link below to learn more about this transformative time tool and the bonuses that come with it:

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