Focus and Finding Time – What Children Teach Us

Focus child reading

Focus is a gift you can give yourself right now.

Focus is one of the keys to your productivity and time success.

And finding time by finding focus is a fascination of mine. In part that’s because the rich experience of being present and focused isn’t easy to come by these days.

We are constantly bombarded with information and other input. Distraction is more the norm than the exception in today’s world.

Add to that other energy drains like perfectionism, procrastination, and self-criticism, and what do you have? A potent mixture of time-wasters that will bring your productivity to a halt.

Children have so much to teach.

Thinking about focus, my thoughts turn to what I observe in children. Back when I was teaching, I remember thinking that children really ARE focus, in a sense.

I marvel at their ability to become totally absorbed with whatever they’re doing. And I recall that feeling myself. Do you?

Remember reading a book and becoming totally immersed in its mysteries and delights? Time seemed to stretch endlessly, as you lost yourself in an unfolding story or some other much-loved activity.

So, how can you find focus?

Children bring – to everything that they do – their innate curiosity, their joy in discovery, their ability to focus and engage. Wouldn’t you like to relearn, even in small measure, how to be present to reality in such a wonderfully connected way?

I suggest that you observe how you feel as you move through your day, and then ask yourself these questions:

  • In what ways do you let yourself focus deeply, like a young child, in your life today?
  • What everyday wonders have you noticed so far this week?
  • What do you need to give yourself, right now, so that you can be fully present in this moment?

Focus isn’t something that you do. It’s an opening, a capacity for engagement. And it’s a precious gift that you can give yourself right now, in this moment.

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