Focus with Fokus or Evernote Clearly and Find Time!

Focus is KeyFocus is a key element in your productivity, and it can be a challenge when working on-line.

How many times have you been working on a task on your computer, only to have your focus waver as your eye catches an interesting headline? Your curiosity piqued, you click the link, opening a new tab, and with it a whole new series of distractions!

How many hours do you think you lose in a week doing this?  The lost time and productivity really piles up!

Well, with this challenge in mind, we were pleased to come upon this little extension that you may find useful for maintaining focus.  It’s called Fokus (aptly) and what it does is offer you a quick way to highlight text you want to focus on, while dimming the surrounding material.

FokusHere’s what it looks like in action … and you can see how distractions are minimized, and you aren’t tempted to stray into cyberspace! You can create a simple key prompt, so that Fokus springs into action only when you tell it to.  Worth a try?  I think so!

Evernote Clearly is another tool that removes clutter and distraction from your on-line experience.

Evernote_ClearlyIt’s quite robust, as it’s integrated with Evernote, so you can use Evernote Clearly to highlight text and clip items to Evernote. As with Fokus, you can use keyboard shortcuts to activate different functions.  You can also add it to your Chrome Toolbar.

There are numerous options for putting Evernote Clearly to work, as you can see in the screen-print.  For focus, however, simply using this tool to view a webpage cuts down on distractions significantly (and also provides a nice, clear version of your material for printing or clipping to Evernote)!

So, what do you think of these ideas for enhancing your focus?  And how do you minimize distractions for yourself when on the web?  I’d love to have you share your ideas here and join the discussion!

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