Focusing on Your Minutes Helps You Optimize Your Hours

focusing on your minutes
Focusing on your minutes helps.

What does focusing on your minutes have to do with making the most of your time?

Well, as you well know, getting everything done in the time you have is a constant challenge.

This is especially true at this busy time of year.

It can feel like you’re just barely keeping your head above water. And that’s so frustrating when what you really want to be doing is focusing and appreciating each moment.

So how can you move away from constant, and constantly draining, overwhelm and toward increased presence and success?

Try focusing on your minutes.

The answer is actually pretty simple.  It was summed up very nicely by a gentleman named Lord Chesterfield many years ago. He stated:

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.

And, as you see from our image above, the Anglo-Irish writer Maria Edgeworth noted the same phenomenon.

So, why is that?

When you are focusing on the present moment you set aside worries about what lies ahead. Those worries are an energy drain as well as a distraction. Your presence is diminished by them.

And when you set them to the side, you are immediately more efficient with your time. You also have a fuller experience.

And you give yourself a boost.

That’s not all. When you start focusing on your minutes you naturally break tasks into smaller pieces. This is called chunking.

Chunking your tasks and activities into smaller increments enhances your energy. That’s because it allows you to come to completion multiple times throughout your day.  This is immediately validating and energizing.

Successes builds on success.

As you use your minutes to achieve small goals your successes multiply. By the end, you’ll find that your large goals are coming to fruition within the hours you have available.

This, in turn, reduces your stress and worry. And your energy expands, along with your ability to be present.

You’ve activated a very positive cycle in your life.

So how will you start focusing on the minutes and filling your hours to their fullest? Make a plan and make a beginning today.

Here’s more help…

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