Set Yourself Free from Perfectionism with These Timely Tips

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Free from perfectionism, you’ll soar.

When you’re free from perfectionism you have access to more energy than you might have ever known you had.

So, where’s the key to that freedom?

How can you give yourself this gift?

Well, in a previous post about the dangers of perfectionism I shared some thoughts about the ways that it poisons your moments. And when you check out that post, you’ll also find practical ideas for stepping away from this self-defeating trap.

Today I’d like to share one timely tip. It takes you even deeper into the process of putting down perfectionism and stepping into freedom.

Free from Perfectionism: Your Timely Tip

Evolving Beyond Perfectionism Takes Time

Quite often, “recovering perfectionists” hurl themselves headlong into efforts to become “perfectly balanced” overnight. But changing this lifelong pattern turns out to be a process, like anything else. You need to provide yourself with generous servings of patience and self-acceptance. A dollop of gentle humor helps with this, too.

Okay, so how do you make this real for yourself? Here’s one idea…

Action Step:

Write Yourself a Loving Letter from your Nurturing Parent.

Why not open a line of communication with the voice of compassion inside you? Simply write yourself a supportive letter, or a series of letters, and offer unconditional acceptance to yourself. Affirm that you are absolutely worth the work and the effort it takes to move beyond perfectionism. And then, make sure to soak in all the warmth that you feel. Read your self-affirming letter daily, and write new ones as you feel moved to.

These are very powerful and energizing tools for getting unstuck. Want to go deeper?


Free Yourself with Patient, Practiced Steps.

Perfectionism is NOT about dedication to excellence. It is a way of relating to the world that constricts your life. As you move beyond perfectionism, more ease, joy, and humanity will come your way. Here are some simple steps to get started:

1. Observe yourself as you move through your day.

Without judging, notice where you allow perfectionism to interfere with your daily pleasure and productivity.

2. Jot down several examples.

Once you have a list, select one that seems relatively easy and rewarding to work with. Always start with the least charged item. As you build your skills, you can move to more difficult ones.

3. Focus on modifying this one behavior consistently.

As you begin to make changes, notice your automatic self-talk. What arguments for perfectionism do you give yourself?

4. Use logic and realism to deflate the irrational objections you raise.

For example, suppose you tell yourself that a project isn’t perfect yet. You might respond by noting that there is actually no standard of perfection for it. Then you can add that it fully serves its purpose just as it is.

5. Create and use supportive mantras to counter your perfectionism.

Mantras are powerful, portable antidotes to your perfectionistic self-talk. Some possibilities might be, “Done is better than perfect” and “Excellence over perfection.”

As you see, each of these steps is simple, straightforward, and keeps you moving forward.

By offering yourself these gifts every day, you affirm your inherent worth and empower yourself. Not only that, but you also provide yourself with the breathing room to be human and to grow in new directions.

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