Free Tools and Apps We’re Grateful for This Cyber Monday


Free tools and apps we’re grateful for today.

Free tools and apps are always welcome, aren’t they? So today, when on-line shoppers search for deals, we’re appreciating some of our favorite freebies. Many of these are products that we’ve written about here in the past.

Our top picks help amp up our productivity here at The Time Finder, are easy to use, and help keep us on track and on time, no matter what. Oh, and they are free.

So, without further delay, here’s a sampling of what we’re grateful for here today.

Free Tools and Apps


For easy file-sharing and quick access to documents and files wherever you are, there’s nothing that beats Dropbox. If you don’t already use it, here’s a post you may find helpful. It explores some of the productivity tools that Dropbox added this past summer.


Gmail offers a wealth of functions and, like Dropbox, is available to you no matter where you are. So, even if you use another e-mail client on your laptop, PC, Phone, or tablet, Gmail is accessible via the web on any/all devices. And there are hundreds of ways that you can use its features to adapt this productivity tool to your workstyle. It’s definitely one of our favorites.

Remember the Milk

There are other To-Do List apps available, and many offer both free and paid versions. We’ve used Remember the Milk for years and have found it to be flexible, clear, and easy to use. As with so many on-line tools, it’s important to factor in familiarity when thinking about what you want to use. So for us, while perhaps not the newest offering on the To-Do List market, RTM gives us what we need and knowing it so well makes it our favorite hands-down.

What are Your Favorite Free Tools?

We recently found a list on lifehacker of their 50 Favorite free apps. Why not take a look at what they’ve got listed there?

Then drop me a line and let us know what your favorites are. Share your go-to tools with others here at Finding Time — we’d love to hear what works for you.

And speaking of go-to tools, here’s something special for you…

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