Find Time to Fuel Your Time Energy™ with Self-Motivation

Finding time requires something only you can provide – self-motivation!  As with your Time Energy™, there’s no scarcity when it comes to self-motivation.

You have an endless supply, and the trick is to know how to tap it.

Power Up No Matter What!

There may be mornings when you wake up and wonder if that self-motivation of yours rolled out of reach while you slept.  Maybe you’ll need to rummage around a little bit to locate the drive and enthusiasm you need. But it’s well worth the effort.  You’ll always be successful, and once you’re plugged into your self-motivation, it will help you remain productive and self-referenced throughout the day.

How Can You Power Up Your Self-Motivation?

Here’s a suggestion:  Express your intentions in explicitly positive words. You will be amazed at how empowering this can be.  That’s because every time you do this, you clearly convey to yourself that:

  • Your Priorities Are Important.
  • You Are Guided By A Wish To Be And Do Your Best.
  • Your Self-fulfillment Truly Matters To You.
  • You Choose To Engage Wholeheartedly.
  • You Desire To Succeed.

Can You Feel It?

When you make affirming statements to yourself like this, you automatically align your energy to make the most of your time. And that’s what your Time Energy™ is all about.

As you look over your time choices for this past week, explore whether they genuinely manifested your wish to support yourself and those you care about.

  • If they did, give yourself a pat on the back – that’s great!
  • If they didn’t, you can strengthen your intentionality right here in this moment, by giving yourself exactly the encouragement you need!

Self-Motivation – It’s An Inside Job.

The advantage of self-motivation is that you know what fires your enthusiasm and commitment better than anyone else. It doesn’t hurt to have a few general affirmations for reinforcement, too.

For example, you might assert that within you is all the power you need for your next step forward on your chosen path. See how fully you can engage your heart with your imagination! And use your head, too.  Your practicality can be a very grounded motivator, encouraging you to work effectively and maintain focus.

And Don’t Forget to Validate Yourself!

It’s always helpful to appreciate this special step you’ve taken. Note the progress you make, so you reinforce your productive time choices.

As you do this, you can be sure that your Time Energy™ is being fueled.

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