Gadgets, Time Myths and Procrastination Top Time Posts for May

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Time Finder Favorites – gadgets and more!

Gadgets topped our list of time finder posts this past month, as readers explored, not the best new gadgets, but how turning them off from time to time helps you get grounded and on-track.

When we talk about gadgets here, it’s not just your PC, laptop or mobile device. It’s also your TV, your Kindle  – basically any screen that you spend time looking at.

Knowing how much time you spend dong this might surprise you.

Interested, then check out our post titled Gadgets – Turn Them Off and Spark Your Creativity and here’s an idea to get you started:

Observe your habits. When are you most likely to check your phone? How much time do you spend watching TV? When do you ‘lose’ time on the internet? Simply observing (without judgment or self-criticism) helps you get a handle on your habits. Make a list of everything you observe.

Next up was our post about time myths that many of us share – and that hold lots of folks back. Titled 7 Time Myths You Can Let Go of Today, this post helps unmask some common myths. Once you see them, it’s easier to make clear choices about them – ultimately letting them go. Here’s myth #5:

5. This won’t take much time.

Are you sure? Breaking a project or task into small pieces enables you to estimate the actual time frame required more accurately. And remember, things usually take longer than you anticipate.

Breaking a project or task into small pieces enables you to estimate the actual time frame required more accurately. (Click to Tweet)

Procrastination is a time challenge that keeps many people stuck and frustrated. It affects careers, relationships, and self-esteem. And it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Right Time is Often a Procrastinator’s Illusion – Start Now! offers practical tips to help you overcome procrastination in your life.

Often, what helps when you find yourself procrastinating, is to ask some simple, concrete questions.

What are the circumstances that will make another moment the right time but disqualify this one? What do you think needs to happen to make your next step doable, if it isn’t doable now?

And if procrastination is something that frequently holds you back, my accessible and immediately actionable E-Guide Book titled I Don’t Know Where to Start!” How to Stop Stalling, Get Clear, and Turn Procrastination into Productivity offers you a clear path to get to the roots of your procrastination and start doing rather than delaying — today.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start!” unmasks this time thief with exercises to help you identify your own unique brand of procrastination. And it provides insights to help you successfully address what you discover.

That’s the good news! You really can make conscious choices about your time and how to use it. And you really can change old habits and patterns. Using the tools and skills you’ll learn in “I Don’t Know Where to Start” you’ll get started and keep going!

To learn more about this powerful E-Guide Book and its accompanying bonuses, just click this link.

So, I hope you find these posts interesting – and invite you to explore all of what we have to offer here at The Time Finder … as you continue your time journey and become your own time expert in 2016!

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