Getting Older — How to Adjust and Appreciate the Process

getting older-expectations
Getting older means changing your expectations.

Getting older is something that happens for all of us, no matter how old we are. And as baby boomers age, you may notice that it’s a topic that is being discussed more frequently.

You may have heard it said that getting older isn’t for the faint-hearted. This is very true.

The core task is to give yourself the time and space to accommodate the changes that come with getting older, and to achieve true contentment as you grow to meet these essential life challenges.

Getting older…

Aging can be a sneaky surprise. Intellectually, you know that with each birthday you’re getting older. However, some consequences of growing older can creep up on you, leaving you without a plan, or even without the time required to make the necessary adjustments.

The changes are incremental, but their effects may take you by surprise.

For example…

Have you had the experience of feeling that projects ‘suddenly’ take much longer to complete?

The slowdown has actually been occurring gradually over some period of time. But your realization of the reality of slowing down can seem to come out of the blue.

And the challenge in this situation is to avoid three types of reactions:

First, avoid denial.

It is tempting, when you first realize that it takes you longer to complete a task, to think this is a one-time occurrence and that if you simply focus and work harder, your original efficiency will return. In reality, it probably won’t. As much as we might wish we could, there’s no ‘going back’ when it comes to getting older and the changes it brings. Denial only sets you up for more ‘surprises’ down the road.

Second, avoid floundering in frustration.

This may be a natural initial response to your situation. But here’s the thing: As you grow angrier and more frustrated, you also become slower and less accurate.

This creates a vicious cycle and makes you even less efficient. Your lack of efficiency will make you more frustrated. You can see where this is going.

Third, don’t stay mired in sadness.

It is important, of course, to grieve the loss of your former level of effectiveness as you work to embrace your new reality. By acknowledging and accepting this, you gain clarity about your options.

The difficulty that accompanies denial, chronic resentment, or despondency is that these responses limit your ability to make functional and appropriate choices.

Instead, acknowledge your feelings of loss, and express them safely and appropriately. Then prepare to resolve the issues that arise. This balanced approach keeps you grounded and aware. It enables you to maintain clarity and problem-solve effectively, to move forward, and to feel good about what you accomplish.

More help with getting older…

Aging presents challenges for many people. And you couple that with self-critical messages it’s a recipe for huge and unnecessary difficulties. They include:

  • Sapping your confidence and energy with negative messages, 
  • Worries that distort your ideas about what’s needed and what’s possible, and
  • Difficulty adjusting to the inevitable changes of aging.

Basically, you’re attacking yourself all the time. And that leaves you at a terrible disadvantage, any way you look at it.

“Aging Voices: Bringing Compassion to Your Aging and Retirement” puts proven, practical, heart-based time success tools into your hands. This is an E-Guide to be worked with as it steers you to an ever-deepening understanding of the roots of your self-criticism. And ultimately, it helps you unlock the door to your freedom.

The strategies, tips and exercises in “Aging Voices” help you discover how to:

  • Recognize the language and tone of your own, unique, critical voices;
  • Counter those voices with realistic and compassionate messages; and
  • Enlist your fullest energies as you greet the changes that come with retirement and aging.

If you’re tired of undermining yourself and are ready to live every precious moment as fully as possible, click the link below to learn more about this transformative time tool and the bonus that comes with it.

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