Give Your Clutter the Boot — How to Find What Works for YOU

Big life changes
Small steps…

When you give your clutter the boot, you give yourself a major energy boost.

But finding time to do that can feel like a big challenge. The choice to give your clutter the boot is, at its core, a matter of learning to let go.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s very doable. 

Ready to get started?

Find what works for YOU.

We are all unique, and so is our relationship to whatever clutters up our lives.  In addition, the nature of our clutter may change over time, as we evolve and grow and accumulate.

For some people the main clutter issue may be paper or clothes or knick-knacks. For others it might be unread e-mails. Or maybe it’s built-up worries.

So, you can see that a solution that helped you cull your sweater drawer may not help when it comes to cutting down on your overflowing To-Do List.

Give Your Clutter the Boot — Small Steps

Whatever your clutter issue is, once you name it and decide to do something about it, you are halfway home.

The next step is to give yourself a small, concrete goal that involves letting go of some aspect of your identified clutter.  The key concepts here are SMALL and CONCRETE. Ask yourself, is there one thing you can let go of right now? Truly, just ONE thing.

Give yourself an achievable goal, follow through on it, and then validate your success. Once you get moving, watch the changes and celebrate as your momentum builds. And if you get stuck somewhere along the way, pause and reflect. 

What’s got you snagged? 

If you’re not ready to let it go, that’s okay. But aim to make it a conscious choice, rather than something that just “happens.”  And if your task starts to feel overwhelming, take a step back.

Remember, focus on each small increment, not on the whole.

So, how will you start to give your clutter the boot right now? What one thing will you let go of?

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