Gmail Chrome Extensions Track Your Mail and Save Time!

Gmail Tools

Gmail Tools

For Gmail users, MailTrack is a free Chrome Extension that is worth taking a look at.

What it does is simple – and very helpful.  It lets you know whether your mail has been opened.  This is a functionality that many businesses already include in their e-mail systems, but it hasn’t generally been available for web-based e-mail clients like Gmail.

And why is this helpful?

Well, think of times when you’ve sent an e-mail to someone and been waiting for a response much longer than you’d anticipated.  Perhaps you start feeling ignored.  A tool like MailTrack will tell you if your e-mail has been opened or not. This small piece of information can save the energy that you might have spent in frustration – and prevents possible misunderstandings, as well.

What MailTrack does is show a green check-mark next to your sent e-mail.  There is a faint grey check-mark next to the green one.  This second check-mark turns green when your e-mail is opened.

MailTrack is not only able to graphically reflect the fact that your e-mail has been opened, but, if you hover your cursor over the check-marks next to your e-mail, you’ll be able to see when the e-mail was opened.

Yesware is another free, Chrome-based tracking tool for Gmail.  Geared for sales people, Yesware is a robust tool with a free version that will track 100 e-mail events per month.  Beyond that, Yesware offers a number of different pricing plans along with powerful features such as the ability to see how many times a person opens your e-mail or when an attachment is opened, as well as the capacity to create templates, schedule e-mails, etc.

MailTrack appears to be the simpler and easier to use of the two extensions.  And it, too, will give you a view of the number of times an e-mail has been opened, along with other information, as follows:

You only see the ? when your email is opened for the first time, but MailTrack can do more. If you hover your mouse over the double-checks, you will also see the history of all the days and hours that your recipients have opened your messages. You can also see your whole history of emails at your dashboard:

Whichever tool fits your needs, I think that the ability to tell when someone has opened your e-mail can be a very helpful addition to your on-line tool collection.

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NOTE:  I have no material connection with MailTrack or Yesware, and have received no compensation for writing this post.

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