Gmail Makes Undo Send Official – and We All Win!

Gmail makes Undo Send official!

Gmail has been experimenting with Undo Send for quite awhile now.

How many times have you hit the send button, only to notice a major typo as that e-mail takes off into cyber space?

Or how often have you re-thought a response … too late … and needed to clarify, backpedal or apologize?

Or maybe you’ve sent off an e-mail to the wrong person. Yikes!

Well, now you’ll be able to pull that e-mail back, thanks to Undo Send becoming an official feature of Gmail. Now, when you enable Undo Send you’ll have a predetermined number of seconds to recall that e-mail you just sent.

Here’s a brief video that illustrates how it works:

As soon as you send an e-mail within Gmail (assuming you have Undo enabled) you’ll see a small message pop up that offers the option to “Undo” your action. Here’s what that message looks like in gmail:

Click “Undo” for the magic!

You can click on either “Undo” or “View message” and the time you’ll have to do that is based on whatever you’ve selected in your settings. (I suggest selecting the longest timeframe – 30-seconds.)

If you select “Undo” your message will reopen and you can make your edits and then send your corrected e-mail. OR, if you do nothing at that point, your message will be saved to your Drafts Folder and you can go back and work on it later.

The Undo feature is also a part of Inbox by Gmail – another option for keeping your e-mail and tasks organized and finding time for what matters most!

Whether you’re sending e-mails from your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC, Undo in Gmail is now available on all platforms. Do you think the Undo feature will be helpful to you?

And if you’re a Gmail user, have you moved over to the new Gmail Inbox, or are you sticking with the original version?

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