Gmail – It’s Never too Late to Learn New Tricks to Find Time!

Gmail Ideas

Gmail-There’s always more to learn!

Gmail is everywhere, and if you’re a user, you are probably familiar with many of its features.

Or are you?

As is the case with many of the capabilities that our computers and software programs put at our fingertips, we often only use a fraction of the tools available.

Of course, it’s one thing to know that a tool exists and another to actually make it part of our toolbox. And with this, as with anything else, that takes practice! You need to use the tool repeatedly to make it part of your repertoire.

So today we’re going to take a peek at a slideshow titled “The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet” that appeared in PC Magazine earlier this year. It offers lots and lots of ideas for making Gmail more flexible and useful for you.

I’ll highlight a few of the tips that were most intriguing to me – and would suggest that you go through the slides, pick one or two that resonate for you, and start using them.  If they help, great!  Make them part of your on-line practice and enhance your efficiency!

Gmail Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts

For starters (this is the very first slide) it’s worth exploring the robust collection of shortcuts available to you.  The three listed in the slide are a good place to start – and if you hit “Shift ?” while in your mail you’ll get a list of the available shortcuts.

Don’t overwhelm yourself – pick just one or two to start practicing with.  You can add new ones as you go along!

Gmail Mute

Try the Mute button in Gmail!

Gmail Mute Button

Sometimes e-mail threads are very active and you don’t really need (or want) to see each and every reply to the conversation.

There’s a handy way to stop that in your e-mail. The next time one of those messages pops up, click “Mute” under the “More” drop-down and these messages will continue to be archived/filed in your account … but you won’t see them unless you look for them.

Tasks and Events from Gmail

Add tasks and events from Gmail – it’s easy!

Add Tasks and Events from Gmail

Again, using the “More” drop-down, you can add tasks and events by simply highlighting text in an e-mail and then choosing the relevant selection under “More.”

This makes it super easy to stay on track without opening and closing multiple applications!

There are so many great ideas in this slide show.  I hope you’ll find time to explore them all and, as I said, pick just one or two to try on for size.

Here’s to your time success!


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