Gmail Sender Icons — Favicons for Quicker Skimming

Gmail Sender Icon Screenshot

Gmail Sender Icons is a handy e-mail tool.

Gmail Sender Icons is a new Chrome extension. It helps you quickly scan your inbox, locate e-mails and recognize their senders.

How? It does it by adding Favicons to the list view in your in-box.

If you’re a Gmail user, I think you’re going to find this Chrome extension to be a handy time-saver.

The Issue — Confusion

This tool was developed by the folks at Digital Inspiration. Here’s how they describe the problem they wanted to address. Is it one that you’ve encountered? It’s definitely one that we have:

The default layout of your Gmail inbox has the sender’s name listed in the left most column followed by the subject and the date of the message. The emails are sorted in reverse chronological order with the newest messages listed at the top. The problem with this layout is that you cannot figure out who the actual sender of a message is without actually opening the email. For instance, if you get an email from Angus who works at Google and a second email from another Angus who is employed with Microsoft, Gmail will simply show Angus as the sender for both emails.

The Solution — Gmail Sender Icons

Gmail Sender Icons addresses this issue. Here’s what it does when you add it to your Chrome browser:

The add-on extracts the email address of the sender, parses the website domain from the address and pulls the favicon image (often same as the logo) of the domain. It then appends the logo image and the company’s domain as a label to the message subject thus making it easy for you quickly identify the message sender.

So, do you want to consider adding this extension? It’s lightweight, unobtrusive, and we find that it truly does save us time.

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