Go with Growth — How to Thrive in the Midst of Change

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Go with growth…

Go with growth.

What do I mean by that, and how can it help you thrive when times, like right now, are in so much flux?

Change is disorienting. The more profound the change, the more disorienting it is likely to be. So navigating through it means getting comfortable with some uncomfortable feelings.

When you’re in flux, the path ahead may be unclear. Indeed, you may feel like you don’t even know yourself. So, how about reframing change and the feelings it brings up?

Go with growth.

To remain fully yourself, you must grow into someone you don’t know yet.

This is a challenge we share with the caterpillar. Comfortable as the status quo may feel, it eventually becomes a constricting cocoon from which you must emerge. The changing world demands that we evolve.

So go with growth. That means taking some risks out of loyalty to the self you are becoming.

Growing is a stretch…

In a previous post, I wrote about ‘giving, getting, and growing.’ When you create a balance amongst those activities, be sure to include enough ‘growing’ to truly challenge yourself.

You might feel stressed at first as you encounter your edge. But in the long run, your proactive choices to let yourself grow will increase your ease in the world and in your own skin.

Your eyes will be new…

Growth experiences change your vantage point. You’ll have new eyes. And with new eyes, you may discover more rewarding options.

So consider whether your time choices in the face of change create an open-ended dance. When you welcome constant change as a teacher, you allow time for your goals to evolve into heart-centered guides that dance and grow along with you.

And here is an additional advantage to this nimble dance of growth. When you take in that the most important lesson is the one right in front of you, you savor your now. You anchor your full intention in the moment. And in this, you recognize your true abundance.

It’s your choice…

Which will you select?

  • A life of urgent scarcity, rushing to reach a distant goal without reference to where and who you are right now?
  • Or a life of abundance, treasuring the process of creating meaningful time choices that grow and evolve as you do?

I hope you’ll go with growth.

And for more help with this…

Aging presents challenges for many people. And when that’s coupled with self-critical messages it’s a recipe for huge and unnecessary difficulties. The challenges include:

  • Sapping your confidence and energy with negative messages, 
  • Worries that distort your ideas about what’s needed and what’s possible, and
  • Difficulty adjusting to the inevitable changes of aging.

Basically, you’re attacking yourself all the time. And that leaves you at a terrible disadvantage, any way you look at it.

“Aging Voices: Bringing Compassion to Your Aging and Retirement” puts proven, practical, heart-based time success tools into your hands. This is an E-Guide to be worked with as it steers you to an ever-deepening understanding of the roots of your self-criticism. And ultimately, it helps you unlock the door to your freedom. The strategies, tips and exercises in “Aging Voices” help you discover how to:

  • Recognize the language and tone of your own, unique, critical voices;
  • Counter those voices with realistic and compassionate messages; and
  • Enlist your fullest energies as you greet the changes that come with retirement and aging.

If you’re tired of undermining yourself and are ready to live every precious moment as fully as possible, click the link below to learn more about this transformative time tool and the bonus that comes with it.


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