Go With the Flow — How to Stop Fighting Time and Thrive

time and tide
So, go with the flow…

What does the phrase ‘go with the flow’ mean to you?

Do you think of it as active or passive?

It’s an important distinction to make for yourself.

And I’m inclined to argue that when you ‘go with the flow’ you are actively choosing to be in sync with your energy, your time, and your life.

Consider this interesting passage from the Talmud:

Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.

The Talmud

Go with the flow…

The power dynamic between time and humankind is certainly clarified here, is it not?  Time is powerful and it brings with it changes that cannot be altered.

There’s our aging. And there are seasonal changes.

Indeed, as the ground freezes here in New Hampshire and the days shorten and winter approaches, the immutability of time seems undeniable.

And if you think of time as a river, the metaphor from the Talmud comes clearer.  A river is such a powerful force. What could be more futile than trying to push back a river?

There’s nothing personal about it. The power of the river simply carries everything along with it.

Of time and the river…

Living in time, we are always in that flow.  There is no denying or escaping that fact.  And that flow will carry us if we let it.

But what if we don’t want to be carried?

Well, have you ever tried to stand up and hold your footing in a spring-swollen river?  Your feet slip as the water pushes your body back with all the power and weight of the river. 

Yes, you might be able to hold your own momentarily. But eventually and inevitably the effort will exhaust you. In the end, you’ll still be swept along. And it may feel even faster than before.

What if you go with the flow?

Imagine yourself floating on a tube down a river on a warm, sunny, late spring afternoon.  The water is still high and moving with power. But you’re bobbing along, enjoying the scenery. 

What a different feeling that is.  You aren’t fighting the river but using its power and allowing it to carry you.

So, how will you try not fighting time today? 

Are there ways you can let it carry you, as you plan your day, prioritize, make time choices, and appreciate each moment?

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