Got Goals? This Clarifies the Picture and Makes Them Possible

dancers goals

Accomplishing goals is like dancing.

Goals. Do you have a lot of them?

Many of us do. In fact, it’s not unusual for our multiple goals to be at odds with one another.

Step back and think about it for a second. In a typical day, how many different goals are you juggling?

You’re probably managing a lot of them — both the long and the short-term variety. And when that’s the case, things can get very confusing, very fast.

What helps?

Priorities make your accomplishments possible. So, today I want to start exploring the importance of having clear priorities.

Trying to accomplish your goals without knowing your priorities is a little like trying to perform a dance routine without knowing the music, or the other dancers in the troupe, or the choreography. Chaos, in other words.

So, how do you figure out and set your priorities?

Know the music.

First, it is critical that you list all the tasks that you need to accomplish. This is what you have to work with — it’s your context.

Know the other dancers.

Second, separate your tasks into ones that are a one-time event, and those that are ongoing. Also, figure out who else is involved.

When are you dancing alone? Who are you partnered with for a long pas de deux? When do you need the whole troupe on stage?

Know the choreography.

Third, decide which tasks in each category are truly time-limited and must be accomplished by a certain date and/or time.

When the music stops, you want to be sure that you end your solo at the same time.

What’s next?

Now you have everything you need to start setting priorities for yourself, managing your time and moving toward your goals.

How do you feel as you look at your list? Are you ready to get started?

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