Google Alarms, Reminders and More from Desktop to Android

Alarm Clock

Use Google Search to set an alarm for yourself!

Google has recently added some features that allow you to send reminders and notes, set alarms, and send directions from your desktop PC to your android phone from the Google Search box.

More and more people are using their phones as their go-to devices for mobile efficiency.

You can keep up with news, e-mail, the latest scores, you name it. And you can do it all while you are out and about. 

Before we dive into these new Google features, the larger question is, How will they help you? You don’t want to just try a new gadget unless it’s going to help you be more organized and find more time, right?

Okay, so let’s say you know you’re going to be in an important meeting this afternoon. You need to remember to leave a little bit early to pick up your daughter after school.  From your PC, in the morning, you type “Set alarm” in your Google Search Box then hit enter.

A screen will pop up here you’ll have the opportunity to choose the time and click the link at the bottom of your screen. This sets the alarm on your phone.  As a further shortcut, you can type in the exact time you want to set the alarm for, as I have below. Then just click on “Set alarm on your phone” and you’re good to go!

Set alarm

Your first step in getting these tools to work for you is to link your Android phone to Google.

Then, when you type certain expressions (listed at the link above) in the Search Box, you’ll have the option to use these handy tools to make sure you have what you need when you need it, no matter where you are.

These Google tools use the Google Now Cards feature, which is available for your iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices.  What are Now Cards?  I’ll let Google describe them:

Now cards [are] short snippets of useful information [that you see] when you’re most likely to need them. Cards show up in the Google app when they’re relevant, based on things like the time and your location.

So, for example, you can set a reminder to show up at a particular time OR when you are in a particular place.

For example, maybe you don’t know exactly when you’re going to visit your local library next, but when you do, you know that you really want to look for Mary Oliver’s new collection of poems!  Set your reminder to come on based on the library as your location.  You’ll see it when you’re there next – and have just what you need!

To learn more about these Google productivity tools, here’s a helpful article by Rita El Khoury’s Other Articles from the Android Police.  Titled “Google’s Desktop Search Also Lets You Set An Alarm Or Send A Note To Your Phone” it walks you through the basics.  And of course, there’s lots of information available from Google as well.

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