Google Chrome New Tab Apps Can Save You Time

Google Chrome New TabGoogle Chrome is a web browser that lots of folks use.  According to this review on PCMAG.COM it ranks quite well when measured against other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.  Indeed, Firefox and Chrome are consistently at or near the top of the list in most categories measured. 

If you are a User of Google Chrome, you have probably noticed that when you click the small, blank tab at the top of your page to open a new tab, what pops up is a new tab (as expected) featuring a lot of blank space.  (This may vary, depending on whether or not you are using any of the Google Chrome Themes.)

Google Chrome New Tab Opportunity

As you might imagine, web developers noticed this mostly empty space on the new tab and saw lots of on-line real estate to be developed!  And so began the development of apps and extensions to be used with the Google Chrome New Tab Page.

I recently came upon an excellent article by Alan Henry titled “The Best Apps and Extensions to Supercharge Chrome’s New Tab Page” that explores some of the best new tools for customizing your New Tab Page.

New Metro Tab, for example, adds live tiles (i.e. images with embedded links) to your page in a view that looks very much like the Windows 8 start page.

Onefeed looks to be a very powerful tool that will pull in information from all the sites you visit frequently.  It’s robust and customizable … and here’s a brief video describing its features:

And there are plenty more apps and extensions to explore – and more being developed all the time!

Google Chrome New Tab and Time

You may be thinking, “Yes, these look like nifty apps, but what does any of this have to do with time?”

Here’s the thing: Your time is precious – and that goes for your online time as much or more than any other time.  When you are online, minimizing distractions and speeding up navigation can save precious moments that you can then use productively.

So, if all that empty real estate on your New Tab can be used to quickly give you something useful, that’s all to the good.

I invite you to explore these apps if you are a Google Chrome user.  One of them might well enhance your online experience AND save you some time.

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