Google Keep Adds Color for Better Organization

Google Keep

Google Keep helps keep your notes organized!

Google Keep is a flexible and very Google-friendly note-taking app. (And it’s especially helpful at this time of year, if you’re making a list – and checking it twice!)

We spotlighted Google Keep here in the blog in a post titled “Time-Saving Tip: Try Google Keep to Find Time!” and  today I wanted to share a quick update! They have added customizable Category Tabs that make it that much easier (and faster) to arrange your notes and keep them organized.

Here’s how the Chrome extension is described:

With Category Tabs for Google Keep™, you can now sort your new and existing notes by category. Each category represents one color. Adding a note to a category is very easy, just change the color of the note. When you want to view the notes you have sorted by color, simply click on the note color you wish to view. If you would like to view your entire collection of notes/checklists, there is an “All” option next to the color options (this option is set by default).

With the addition of these color-coded category tabs Google Keep continues to compete with Evernote and OneNote in the note-taking application world.

It’s difficult to identify a clear winner here and, as with many other time-saving tools, familiarity is often the deciding factor.

So, for us here at The Time Finder, Evernote still wins out, because we’ve been using that longest. But Google Keep offers some nice features, like integration with a host of other Google applications and tools, including Google Drive. It’s something that I think we’ll keep exploring.

How about you?  Which app do you use and prefer?

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