Google+ and You: Learn the Basics-It’s Well Worth Your Time!

Google+ and the WebGoogle+ is taking over the on-line world. At least that’s what many people think.  And whatever you think about it, one thing is for sure: Google+ is certainly a venue that’s difficult to avoid.

So, how do you feel about Google+?  Are you puzzled by it?  An enthusiastic user?  If you haven’t  figured it out yet, I’d say that spending some time getting to know it is a very important and worthwhile investment.

That’s because, one way or another, you are probably already interacting with Google+ – perhaps without even knowing it.

Google+ is Everywhere!

Now, that is the part that first drew me to write this post – the not knowing. Here at The Time Finder, as we’ve dipped our toe into Google+, we’ve found it to be a frequently-changing and often-confusing social networking venue.  That’s because Google+ is so thoroughly integrated with Google’s vast array of other web-based tools.  That integration makes Google+ very powerful because it can do so much.

Unfortunately, it also means that if you don’t take a great deal of care, Google+ can make things public that you don’t mean to have public.  In that way, it is somewhat like Facebook – a frequently changing social networking platform where you have to keep a close eye on your settings if you want to maintain some level of privacy.  But unlike Facebook, Google+ has its hands in many diverse areas of your on-line world.

Google+ and Your Google Apps

Alan Henry has written a very helpful post on lifehacker titled “How to Stop Google+ from Taking Over All of Your Google Apps” in which he offers step-by-step information about how to control the access that Google+ has to your on-line life.  It’s time-consuming to go through your apps and check all of the settings, but especially if you are an entrepreneur with an on-line business, it’s a crucial investment of your time.  Your on-line presence, after all, is a big part of what makes (or breaks) your business.

Whether we like it or not, using Google apps and tools, which are great and very useful, will likely also go hand in hand with using Google+, or at least having a presence there. We can say we’ll just let it stay neglected, but since Google also links your Google+ account with your presence on the web, it’s unlikely too many people will let it keep auto-posting and collecting information they don’t control. P

For the time being though, the best you can do is make sure you pay attention to the services you’re using, dig into your settings to make sure Google+ is as private as you want it to be, and use tools that get around locking you in to Google+. Even if you love Google+, there’s no reason to let YouTube post every time you comment on a video or Google Maps post every time you want a link to a map.

Google+ and You – Let’s Explore!

Over the next several days, we are going to be digging more deeply into Google+ to get a better handle on how to use it well – AND how to disengage when we want to keep something private – or limit the circle of people who see it.  There is so much to explore!

And the thing is, spending time learning the landscape of Google+ stands us in good stead for moving forward.  This platform isn’t going away; and optimizing its usefulness is an excellent investment of our online time.

So, I’d love to hear what you think about Google+ right now … AND I hope you’ll join me as we explore the in’s and out’s of Google+ more fully over the next several days.

In the meantime, here’s to your time success …

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  1. Hi Paula,

    Google+ is on my list of 2014 musts for my online business. I’m soaking up as much info as I can and my plan is to jump in by the end of the first quarter.

    Thanks for this article. When the student is ready, the teacher is everywhere 🙂

    Peggy (from UBC)
    Frazzled to Fabulous

  2. Meredith Eisenberg says

    I took a lot of convincing over Google Plus but my business partner, Jasper, has gradually converted me. If you are looking to market your business with content you publish that is aimed at attracting traffic to your site, you not only need to be on Google+ , you also need to make sure that your blog or website is linked to your Google+ profile because that will make sure the search engines see you as a legitimate author providing quality content. Without that you may as well not be bothering.

  3. I think Google+ is brilliant. We get more traffic and engagement on G+ than anywhere else. I wouldn’t say we’re experts by any means, so I’m looking forward to the rest of your articles on G+ Andrea

  4. Since joining the Blog Challenge, I’ve really been trying to get more involved with G+ to get more exposure for my blog articles and potentially get more business. I’m hoping to really get into the nitty gritty of utilizing Google+

  5. I’m so behind on Google+. I’ve said yes to some aspects of it but seriously don’t know my you know what from a hole in the ground about it so I’m happy to have your information and look forward to what else you can teach me.

    • 😉 I’m gathering information as we speak. There is a great deal to sift through and, as with so many tings, it’s generally in the ‘doing’ that things really begin to fall into place. I expect that we’ll both become much more adept as 2014 unfolds!

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