Google Penguin, PicMonkey and Transitions Top August’s Menagerie of Timely Tips

Google Penguin and PicMonkey Top August’s Menagerie of Timely TipsGoogle Penguin and PicMonkey were among the top time tips featured in August on The Time Finder.

Let’s run through the list now, as we start a new month by looking back at some of the highlights (based on reader preferences) from  last month.

You’ll find an intriguing mix here of tech tools and tips, along with powerful insights into how we experience our moments, how we navigate transitions, and the efficacy of small steps in moving us along our path.

Read on and enjoy … and drop me a line! I’d love to know what you’d like to hear more about on The Time Finder!

Penguin 2.0Penguin 2.0 and SEO: Don’t be Scared, But This Information is Well Worth Your Time! Topping the list was our post about Google Penguin – offering a brief overview and information to help you save time by anticipating the SEO changes that Google Penguin highlights (and thereby minimizing their impact on your business).

Penguin 2.0, like its predecessors, is aimed at improving search engine results, weeding out spammy practices, and enhancing the quality of web-content. So, the good news is that it generally rewards entrepreneurs and on-line business owners who are playing by the rules and offering solid content.

Nonetheless, every time the rules change, even a little bit, the ripple effect can be significant. Practices that may have been helpful, or at least neutral, in the pre-Penguin 2.0 world may now be detrimental to your traffic rank.

Slow DownNext up was a timely post for long summer days – and an excellent reminder for busy entrepreneurs, coaches … just about all of us!  Slow Down, Breathe Deep, and Savor Your Time is all about doing things slowly … and appreciating each and every one of your moments.  Our experience is shaped by what we bring – and we have a lot of control over that!

When you slow down and reconnect, mindfully, with yourself and your environment, it’s like plugging into an energy outlet, recharging body, mind and spirit.

Slowing down is as nourishing to you, energetically, as vegetables and proteins are for your physical systems. You get more done when you have more energy, and you replenish your energy when you slow down.

PicMonkey for FunThird on our list was a playful post about PicMonkey titled “Photos and Fun: Picture Yourself Using PicMonkey and Finding Time!”  PicMonkey is a very flexible, user-friendly photo-editing tool.  And you can start off by checking out the free version, which offers a wide menu of options – plenty to get you started.

So, I highly recommend PicMonkey for working with photos for your blog or website. Flexible and fun to use – the only possible drawback that I see is that it may be so much fun that you need to limit the time you spend playing with it. (Try using a timer to make sure you stop and move on to other tasks when you need to!)

Small StepsSmall Steps Spell Big Changes for You and Your Time! was your 4th most popular post. It emphasizes the importance of remembering that it’s small steps that get us from Point A to Point B.  Small steps are everywhere, often barely visible, but bringing about huge changes.

I was thinking about this yesterday evening as I worked at my desk and the sun went down. Its passage was so incremental as to be invisible. Yet it clearly moved, steadily sinking lower and lower until it disappeared behind the trees at the edge of our woods. I never actually saw movement, but that sun moved, most definitely and profoundly.

What small steps can you take to transform your time?  This thought-provoking post may give you some ideas.

Transitions and YouAnd last but not least, take a look at “Transitions: Prepare Well and Savor Your Moments.”  And what could be more apt as we close out a month and move toward a new season?

While we may not always welcome transitions, they are a fundamental fact of life. As I’ve written before, transitions are embedded in us, right down to a cellular level. Indeed, transitions are as necessary, ever-present, and life-giving as our in-breaths and our out-breaths!

Embracing the fact of the nourishing necessity of transitions goes a long way toward changing our perspective on them. Letting go gets easier (and a lot less scary) when we know and trust that “the next thing” will also offer us what we need. We ride through transitions more easily, releasing our grip on the old and welcoming the new with curiosity and gratitude.

I love ending this on a note of gratitude, as I feel so much appreciation for you and your time journey.  I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know how I can serve you in the coming month … I’d love to help … and I’d love to hear!

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