Google Tips to Power Your Productivity and Find Time

Google Tips to boost productivity and find time!

Google started as a search engine. Remember? As its use increased, it morphed from a noun to a verb, eventually becoming a synonym for the act of searching, as in “I’ll Google that!”

Now Google is everywhere  and offers a wide, and ever-growing, selection of productivity tools to help you work more efficiently and find more time.

But here’s the thing: When it comes to something like Google – or even more broadly, to our computers and mobile devices – many of us know and use only a small fraction of the capacities that are at our fingertips.

It takes time to keep up with what’s out there.  Often it’s time that we don’t have.  But by the same token, sometimes an investment in a bit of learning up front can save you lots of time down the road.

So, for example, if you’re someone who works on-line, increasing your knowledge of what you can do using Google tools and apps has the potential to serve you very well. I think it’s worth scanning the capabilities of Google tools every once in a while, both as a refresher and for new ideas.

Enter Google Tips!  These tips are arranged almost like flash cards, with a brief tip and the icon of the particular Google tool that it applies to.

You can scan all of the tips for one that relates to a tool you use – or one that captures your interest. Or, if you prefer, you can view the tips by categories like “Home” or “Work” or by product.

When you find a tip that is of interest to you, click it and it flips over to show details about the tip.  Basically it walks you through the steps of implementing the process in question. Here’s a sample below, showing the tip and then the first screen that appears when you flip it over:

I invite you to take a quick peek at Google Tips – and maybe create a shortcut for yourself so you can stop back every month or so.

In all likelihood, you’ll come upon something interesting to help you be more productive and find more time!




  1. That’s a powerful feature a haven’t heard about. Thank you Paula!


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  2. […] Google Tips to Power Your Productivity and Find Time […]

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