Grammarly Might be Just the Thing for You if Grammar Sometimes Has You Stymied

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Grammarly, when grammar has you stymied.

Grammarly is a handy app that is available either for free or as a paid subscription.

What it does, once you’ve downloaded and activated it, is review your work, right as you’re working.

It highlights any questionable grammar, spelling, or word choices and offers suggestions on the spot, in real time.

This way, you can catch and correct errors before going public. This is an obvious plus and is especially helpful when you find yourself in situations where you need to work quickly. Just imagine the embarrassment it can save you!

Grammarly in a nutshell

I first learned about this tool in a post by Daphne Gray-Grant, The Publication Coach.

Is it worth paying for Grammarly? gives an excellent overview of the tool, comparing and contrasting the paid and free versions. It’s a very interesting read, offering details about what you receive with each service.  Here’s her verdict:

I think the no-cost service is excellent and I’m going to start running all my writing through it. For most people, I believe the premium service is not worth the cost. But if your boss wants to pay for it for you, then accept his or her offer.

And there’s lots more in the post, so I recommend that you give it a read, and bookmark Daphne Gray-Grant’s website and blog for future reference. She is excellent!

Interested? Here’s where you’ll find Grammarly

When you visit Grammarly’s home page you’ll find a number of options available to you. You can add it to Chrome, and it’s also available for Word and for Windows.

What does it do?

Once you’ve activated it, Grammarly will ferret out dodgy grammar along with spelling errors. It will make suggestions about your word choices, and offer alternatives. And you can choose corrections and suggestions on the fly. Here’s a brief video giving an overview of Grammarly:

Here’s a brief video giving an overview of Grammarly:

As on-line writing tools go, this looks like a real winner. I hope you’ll check it out.

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