Gratitude Changes Everything: 5 Powerful Tips to Transform Time

Gratitude helps you blossom.

Gratitude helps you blossom.

Gratitude really does change everything. When you connect to your heart with thankfulness, you immediately expand your world and your field of vision.

It is so profound that it can feel like magic.

And the good news is that it’s a power you hold in each and every moment of your day.

So, today I’d like to share 5 tips and insights to highlight the importance of gratitude for creating and nurturing meaning in your life.

Be your gratitude.

This is about the totality of your life and how you view the world. Your thankfulness is a specific lens through which you make meaning, and it enables you to appreciate the opportunities that you have been given.

As you appreciate yourself, so can you appreciate others.

You are the base on your life. And you can only give what you have. Imagine a well full of water. It is easy to draw from that source. Now imagine a dry well. It has no water; therefore, it cannot give any water.

So allow time in your day to acknowledge your humanity, and warmly validate your efforts to care for yourself and for others. Deep inside, you always listen to the messages you give yourself.

Let others know that you appreciate them.

Acknowledging others is a concrete way to let them know that you truly see them – AND that you open-handedly appreciate what they have done.

Make sure your validations are specific. For example, “Thanks for reviewing my report. Your feedback was very helpful, and I appreciate the time that you took.”

Like attracts like.

This is a fundamental principal of the Law of Attraction.

You receive back what you put out. If you are negative and critical, then that energy enters the universe and attracts more of the same back to you. And by the same token, if you are grateful and loving, then the universe sends gratitude and love back to you.

Your conscious efforts to cultivate gratitude prepare the ground for life’s gifts to take root.

Gratitude is an antidote to fear and self-criticism.

It is virtually impossible to be grateful and afraid, or grateful and self-critical, at the same time. When you experience gratitude, you will experience a sense of satisfaction, of wholeness and of completion.

Does your Inner Critic badger you?

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