Gratitude: Feel How It Deepens and Expands Your Time!

GratitudeGratitude is way of being and perhaps one of the most powerful life skills that you can cultivate.  That’s because gratitude changes everything!

Maybe your heart is filled with gratitude right now, as you savor your holiday moments.

Let your feelings of gratitude wash over you.  Feel how they enhance and deepen your experience of time.  And here’s one other benefit of letting yourself  feel your gratitude:  It can actually improve your health!

Gratitude Improves Your Health

It’s important to not let your emotions bottle up inside of you.  Holding things in can definitely cause lots of unnecessary stress … and that has a physical impact on you.  In fact, one of the best ways to improve your health and proactively manage your emotions is by developing your skills at recognizing things you are grateful for and really letting yourself experience your gratitude.

It’s easy and fun … and will relax, release, and open your heart in ways that may surprise you.

Gratitude:  Let yourself feel it all!

So, ask yourself: What are you thankful for?

You can get started by reflecting back on this holiday season.  Or maybe you find it helpful to look ahead to the coming New Year.

Who is important to you?  What and/or who feels like a gift in your life?

Even when life may not be going as planned, there are still many things to be grateful for.  Give yourself the gift of feeling it right now.  Do your shoulders relax?  Your heartbeat slow down?  Does your horizon expand?

Stay tuned:  tomorrow we’ll look at another step you can take in your experience of gratitude:  giving it away!

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  1. Thanks so much, Paula.

    In my experience, gratitude restores perspective, which is a great resilience builder. So it not only stretches time – it stretches me, too!

    And I am very grateful to Finding Time for all your wonderful suggestions throughout the year!

  2. Hi Alison –

    Thank you for sharing your insights about gratitude, and for your presence in the Finding Time Community. I am grateful for YOU!



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