Gratitude — It Isn’t Just an Attitude

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Gratitude energizes…

Gratitude, like a deep, cleansing breath, is a surefire way to energize yourself.

Indeed, opening your heart with gratitude is one of the most powerful, grounding, and expansive gifts that you can give yourself. 

The scope and depth of the effects that gratitude has can seem almost magical. It impacts our perception of time and our experience of each moment. And it enhances our abilities to approach time challenges with energy and creativity.

Gratitude Transforms

So, what can you do when you hit a point where your energy is flagging? Or where the voice of your inner critic is starting to get loud and strident? Well, pausing to reflect on things that you are thankful for can radically transform your experience.  This is because gratitude opens the heart and allows us to reconnect with the unfettered flow of our energy.  In Time Management Strategies – Revitalize Enthusiasm and Productivity Using the 3 Gratitudes Exercise I offer the following:

Cultivating the gift of gratitude is a powerful way to ground yourself and prepare yourself for any challenge. Gratitude enhances healthy humility that is based in self-respect. It also helps you assess your strengths and redirect your energy.

A Simple Exercise

The three gratitudes exercise is a powerful way to enhance your appreciation of each moment. As you practice this exercise it becomes a fundamental part of your approach to your moments.  Here’s how it works: Just take a moment every night before sleep to jot down and reflect on at least three gratitudes for that day.

I find that this always opens my heart and has the added bonus of relaxing me.  It also leaves me with a rich and constantly evolving list of gratitudes. This can be nourishing to reflect on in tough times.

So, do you take time for grateful pauses in the course of your day?

And have you tried the three gratitudes exercise?

I’d love to hear how you are doing – write a comment or drop me a line at

This helps, too…

We all have voices that chatter at us throughout the day. The Inner Critic is one of them. Learning to recognize (and counter) this destructive voice is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

You see, the Inner Critic is a negative, debilitating and constant presence in your life.  And it’s not just the words. It’s the judgmental tone, the rolling eyes, and the scolding wag of the index finger.

Beyond sapping your energy and confidence, your Inner Critic robs you of time and profoundly distorts how you see others and how you feel about yourself. So, what can you do? 

Give yourself a big boost with my Exercise and Guide Book titled “These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!” How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time! This book offers simple, practical exercises, checklists and tips for learning to recognize and counter the critical voices that disrupt and hurt you.

“This guidebook is by a secret genius as far as I’m concerned.
Her name is Paula Eder and she is absolutely brilliant
when it comes to how to be in relationship with self and
how to be in relationship with time.”
Heather Dominick

You hold the power to make conscious choices about the kinds of messages you give yourself. As you exercise this power, you’ll develop new clarity and confidence – and transform your time.

“These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!” opens the door and gives you a roadmap, so don’t wait. Click this link to get started on your empowering journey today.

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