Guilt Be Gone! Wake Up in the Right Side of Your Bed Today


Don’t let guilt send you back to bed!

Guilt. There’s nothing like it for sapping your energy and making each moment heavy with regret and self-critical angst.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s certainly within your reach to wake up each morning feeling joyful, excited about the day ahead. So let’s start with a familiar scenario where guilt intrudes … and we’ll build from there.

Guilt Scenario

Let’s say it’s a beautiful morning and you actually are feeling good as you stretch and open your eyes.  Then, suddenly – ouch!

You experience a stab of regret. Perhaps you recall a painful mistake from the day before. You fixed it right away, but now you want to do something special to show how sorry you are. The problem is that this will take more time than you have.

Then you also remember that a friend wants a favor, but you’re so darned busy. You rack your brain – can you squeeze it all in?

Can you please and appease everybody?

Suddenly, your day turns gray. Guilt has you by the nape of the neck and is marching you down a slippery slope.

Guilt and You

So does that sound familiar? Does this unhelpful and debilitating feeling sap your energy and color your daily choices? Do you easily say No to others’ excessive demands? Or do you give away your time to avoid their sad eyes or their accusing stares?

And how big a bite do regret and remorse take out of your day, your month, and your year?

Well, here’s encouraging news: no matter what mistakes you’ve made, or who feels disappointed, guilt does not belong in your life! Not only that, but you have the power to say a No that changes everything – that’s the No you say to your guilt!

So stay tuned, because tomorrow I’m going to share 3 powerful ways that you can counter this feeling and take a big step toward your time success.

And in the meantime, here’s something to think about …

We all have voices that chatter at us throughout the day. The Inner Critic is one of them, fueling guilt and self-recrimination. So, learning to recognize (and counter) this destructive voice is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. So, what can you do?

Give yourself a big boost with my Exercise and Guide Book titled “These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!” How to Use Positive Self-Talk to Save Your Sanity and Your Time! This book offers simple, practical exercises, checklists and tips for learning to recognize and counter the critical voices that disrupt and hurt you.

“This guidebook is by a secret genius as far as I’m concerned.
Her name is Paula Eder and she is absolutely brilliant
when it comes to how to be in relationship with self and
how to be in relationship with time.”
Heather Dominick

You hold the power to make conscious choices about the kinds of messages you give yourself. As you exercise this power, you’ll develop new clarity and confidence – and transform your time. “These Critical Voices Are Driving Me Crazy!” opens the door and gives you a roadmap, so don’t wait. Click this link to get started on your empowering journey today!

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