Guilt and You — Root it Out Today with a Dose of Reality


Uproot your guilt and step into your power …

In yesterday’s post I wrote about guilt and its debilitating effects — effects that you don’t have to accept in your life. If you take a moment and think about your biggest time-and-energy drains, my guess is that you might find guilt up there near the top of the list.

So, today I’m going to share 3 big myths that fuel this feeling. And it is a feeling — not a fact. Along with those myths, I’m giving you the realities that counter them, plus affirmations to energize you as you journey away from guilt and toward your time success.

Rooting Out Your Guilt Myths

Ready to stop letting guilt steal your time? Instead, try this helpful assertiveness exercise to explore and move beyond 3 common, guilt-inducing myths. Feel free to modify this exercise to fit your situation, and be sure to use it often to enjoy the full benefits.

MYTH #1:  “Guilt proves I have a conscience and am a good person.”

REALITY:  Guilt keeps you stuck in shame and anger. So embrace your power to learn and grow! Accept your fallibility, and treat yourself with genuine compassion.

AFFIRMATION:  “I refuse to give in to guilt. I befriend my mistakes to learn valuable lessons!


MYTH #2:  “I just can’t let people down, when they have such high expectations of me!”

REALITY:  It doesn’t matter what others think; you aren’t obligated to meet their expectations. Acting on this can feel terrifying at first, but with practice, you’ll find it liberating. In fact, you may discover that important relationships grow more resilient as you develop your assertiveness and authenticity.

AFFIRMATION: “Others have a right to their feelings, and I have a right to use my time in ways that align with my deepest values.”


MYTH #3:  “I won’t truly redeem myself until I’ve spent lots of time making myself miserable.”

REALITY: Self-punishment simply muddies relationships. You can survive someone’s appropriate anger. Once you’ve apologized and taken responsibility for your end, let things unfold. Focus on learning helpful lessons, staying positive, and moving forward.

AFFIRMATION:  “I have the right to feel good about myself at all times. I refuse to punish myself for mistakes. I choose to spend my time responsively and productively.”


That’s How You Transform Your Time

As you ease up on yourself, you may discover that you let go of anger at others more easily, too. Accepting our shared humanity can feel like a great relief!

So take good care of yourself, and use this exercise anytime you’d like some extra support. It enables you to relax harsh standards you apply to yourself and to others, as well.

By calling on your clarity, compassion and courage, you kick that guilt to the curb and revitalize your outlook on life.

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