Habits: Let Go of the Ones that Waste Your Time!

Habits to let go ofHabits can be helpful, and they can keep you stuck. Keeping that fact in mind, an excellent time management skill is sorting out the time habits that help (they’re the ones you want to keep) and those that don’t.  These are the ones you want to let go of. 

And then the next step is to actually let them go!

Habits:  5 Steps to Freedom!

So, how would you like a 5-Step Progression of questions to recognize and ease your way out of unproductive time habits and into new time-wise systems?

If you’re ready to clear a fresh path, simply ask yourself these questions, answer them and follow through, one minute at a time. With patience and practice, you’ll be amazed how much you accomplish!

Habits:  Ask yourself these questions …

Question #1: What manageable habit would you like to let go of?

Let’s use the example of leaving clutter on your desk from day to day. Everything’s buried under something, and your frustration mounts as you scrabble through piles of paper. Resist the urge to be hard on yourself. Instead, shift into an emotionally neutral problem-solving mode.

Question #2: Which emotions trigger your habitual responses?

Perhaps you push past the need to organize because you’re rushing and feeling overwhelmed. See how specific you can get about the feelings that sweep over you.

Each insight helps you tune in and focus on practical options.

Question #3: Which actions in your routine need to change?

Notice each step of your habit and record it on an index card.

Next, match up the feelings that reinforce the unproductive behavior with the individual steps of that habit. Chunking it down makes change easier. For example, as you stand up and walk away from the clutter, maybe you feel you’ve escaped something confining.

Question #4: What is keeping you stuck in this old habit?

That sense of escape might feel great (until the next day!) Or perhaps you harbor an illusion you are being super-productive, despite the time drain of hunting down documents.

Question #5: What ritual can you create to feel better and work better?

Respond to feeling trapped by envisioning a new set of action steps that improve your quality of life. Write them down and keep them nearby. So rather than dash from your desk at day’s end, you might develop a ritual that directs your energy as you sort through items on your desk. Perhaps you encourage yourself (and your new habit) with a mantra.

Once you devise a ritual that offers you more satisfaction, you’re on your way. You’ll feel your power each time you choose your new set of steps AND you’ll open your time – a truly wonderful gift!

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