Habits — Try “No More” for Android When You Want to Stop!

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Habits and change – it’s about your choices.

Habits, especially when they are entrenched, can be very hard to change.

Often, when we talk about habits, we focus on developing new ones that we want to make part of our routine. But equally important are the so-called “bad” habits that we want to step away from.

Sometimes they are relatively small things that we want to change. And sometimes they are debilitating habits, like addictions, that affect our lives in extremely negative ways.

Habits are All About Choices

The choices you make in each moment — what you say yes to and what you say no to — determine what your hours, days, and weeks look like. They define your life.

And when you repeat your yes or your no, you are creating or extinguishing habits.

When You Want to Say No

So today I’d like to share a very simple app that looks like it has significant potential when it comes to addressing behaviors you’d like to stop.  It’s called No More! and it’s available on Google Play for your Android device.

No More! is a habit-tracking tool that’s very simple to use. After you’ve downloaded it, you give a name to the habit you’d like to stop, and add it to the app.

Once that’s done, No More! checks in with you (after you’ve enabled notifications) to see how you’ve done. You work on one habit at a time with No More! and while some see this as a limitation, I actually think it helps keep you focused on your singular goal.

Straightforward and lightweight, No More! tracks your progress over time, and gives you encouragement and validations as you hit milestones along the way.

I suggest that you give it a try for yourself, if you’re an Android user. I’ve not seen this made available for iPhones yet, but hopefully there’s something in the works.

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