Halloween Hurricane: 3 Timely Tips

Halloween HurricaneHalloween came on the heels of a big, wet snowstorm here in the Northeast US last year.  And this year, Halloween is arriving along with the winds and rains of Hurricane Sandy.

Are you in Sandy’s path?  Do you feel ready for what this Halloween may deliver to your doorstep? 

Here are 3 Timely Tips to help you get through!

 Halloween Hurricane Tip #1

First and foremost, take a deep breath and DON’T PANIC.  Whenever a potential crisis looms, you need to be able to focus the power of your mind on what needs to be done.  Panic just dissipates your energy and leaves you less able to do the necessary things to prepare for what’s to come.

Halloween Hurricane Tip #2

Gather necessary information.  In this case, that means checking the weather, of course.  But also collect phone numbers of key people like friends/family, police/fire, and who to call if your power goes out.  If you maintain this data on your computer (perhaps in the form of a template) be sure to print it out so that you have it handy during the current crisis.

Halloween Hurricane Tip #3

Speaking of templates, it is also very helpful to create and maintain a list of storm or crisis-related items to tend to, for example:

  • Check and charge batteries for key equipment.
  • Make sure your car has a full tank of gas.
  • Have matches and candles handy for when you will need them.
  • Is there food you need to have on hand? Are there items can prepare ahead that will be easy to serve/eat even if you don’t have power?
  • What will your animal companions need?
  • How will you communicate if the usual lines of connection aren’t working?  If possible, have a contingency plan.

Bonus Tip for This Halloween Hurricane

For those of us who do a lot of our work on-line, I strongly suggest preparing for possible power outages by scheduling blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook updates ahead, as much as you can.

WordPress has a very helpful feature that allows you to create blog posts and schedule their publication at intervals of your choosing.  And there are tools for doing the same on Twitter and Facebook.

That way, you can continue to maintain your presence on the web with fresh information, even if you are dealing with a power outage in your office!

No matter what life brings, you can rest assured that you will get through when you prepare, adjust, and carry on.

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  1. This post was so helpful…particularly the first tip about BREATHING!
    It is hard to resist the pull of energy created by people wiping out grocery shelves and freaking out in hysteria. Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Hi Pippajojo –

    I am so glad that you resonated to this post, and could not agree more with your observation. The ability to step back and BREATHE is really the base for anything and everything that follows. It give you a place to stand, and from there you can choose (as opposed to being swept along).

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I wish you all the best, and would love to hear more about how you fare as you deal with this week’s weather event!

    To your time success,


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