Harmony or Dissonance — The Music of Your Time

harmony piano keys

Harmony or dissonance-you choose.

Harmony and dissonance are concepts that I thought about a lot, back in my piano-playing days. Their impact on the quality of sound and the energy of a composition are so profound.

But how do harmony and dissonance apply to your time?

Well, time, as I’ve written before, is not malleable. In fact, it is absolute, concrete and universal. We each have 24 hours to work with, and what we do with them, as well as how they feel to us, is a matter of our choices.

We get to decide…

It’s All About Time Choices

We can approach the fact that time is irreversible with fear or with respect. If you lead with fear about “losing time” you might panic, procrastinate, or feel overwhelmed. That way, you generate more anxiety … and probably more lost time.

So, it boils down to choices. Time choices. Does that sound overwhelming to you?

Well, here’s a choice you can make right now in this moment. Flip that feeling on its head and let this be an empowering idea? It truly is.

We humans have been working to puzzle out the mysteries of time for … well … a very long time. Choose to see it as a challenge and a journey of deepening self-knowledge and you’ll find all sorts of doors opening for you.

Values, Energy, and Harmony

Harmony is all about being in sync. It’s about flow. Dissonance is the opposite. It stops us in our tracks.

So, when it comes to time and your time choices, how do you find harmony and avoid dissonance? Well, you start by grounding yourself.  Slow down and look around.

Your key to finding harmony and the energy it provides, is making time choices that match your values as closely as possible. This is what I call values-driven time management – a powerful tool for meaning-filled living.

When you think about your time and your values, what comes to mind?

Do you hear harmony or dissonance?

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Let’s explore time together …

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