Heart-Based Time Skills — Your Feelings Show You the Way

Heart-based time management offers a path to time success that’s different from the usual fare. That’s because finding time for feelings is a key ingredient in this heart-based system.  Feelings are often ignored in time management circles.  I think that’s because feelings are seen as “soft”  and subjective – not measurable or scientific. However, feelings…

Reclaim Your Energy, Joy and Time by Silencing Your Self Criticism!

Here’s some good news today: you can reclaim lost time, energy, AND joy. This process is right at the core of Heart-Based Time Management™ — and the choice is in your hands always. So, are you ready to reclaim your fullest self and live joyfully? Not sure? Well, just imagine how wonderfully full of possibilities life…

Reflection Time Helps Honor Your Transformative Transitions

Reflection time is time you set aside for yourself – time to breathe deeply and take in the present moment, along with the steps that brought you to this place. When big changes are happening – like the turning of a season or of the year – reflection time is an especially meaningful gift to…

Balance in Your Life-5 Timely Tips!

Finding and sustaining balance in your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Its impact on your energy and your productivity is profound, to say the least! In our last post, we explored ways that our energy influences our balance. And in today’s post, I want to offer you tips and insights to further…

Transitions, To-Do Lists and Time – Oh My!

Transitions – they are happening all the time. And they are, by definition, disruptive. If you think about it, waves are disruptive, too.  They rearrange our beaches and shorelines constantly – but surfers love them! So, that’s how it is with 

Inner Critic Got Your Ear? Quiet That Voice Now!

The voice of your Inner Critic is one of the most destructive voices you’ll ever hear. We all have that voice inside – and I’ve got practical ideas that really work, when it comes to quieting the cacophony!

Strong Time: 3 Markers for Your Heart-Based Journey

In our last post we explored the concept of Strong Time and the profoundly different experience of time (and of yourself) that it offers. Remember, the most powerful promise of the Heart-Based Time Management™ System is about opening up to yourself and your own unexplored potential.