Heraclitus Was Right — How to Relax and Go With the Flow

Be like Heraclitus when it comes to change.

What does Heraclitus have to do with living in today’s world?

And what does he have to do with a concept like going with the flow?

Well, he’s someone to pay heed to when you’re navigating transitions. And at this time in your everyday life, doesn’t it feel like you are constantly dealing with changes and transitions?

So today I want to look at a small fallacy in our thinking about transitions. What I mean is the idea that change and transition are aspects of living that are out of the ordinary.

Heraclitus has something to say here:

These two quotations, both from Heraclitus express some very relevant wisdom.

There is nothing permanent except change.

Heraclitus, 535-475 BC

You cannot step into the same river twice.

Heraclitus, 535-475 BC

In fact, we are always in transition.  Most of the time we just don’t know or notice it. 

Transitions in your life:

On waking, you transition into your day. And how you manage that change sets the tone for your day.

When you leave the house you transition into the world, and vice versa.  Maybe you leave your house less frequently during this time of COVID. And you have probably noticed that when you DO leave, more preparation is involved. And maybe your feelings about leaving are different than they used to be.

Here’s the truth that Heraclitus conveys:

We are always in a state of change.  Permanence is the illusion. 

When you take this in, as fully as you can, you’re in a position to respond to changes without experiencing them, necessarily, as unhappy upheavals.  You’re more likely to give yourself the space you need to adjust.

Indeed, the more you expect and accept flux and fluidity, the less disorienting change will be for you.

What about now?

How do you respond to change now?

How do you feel inside when it presents itself to you? 

And how do you feel about accepting the words of Heraclitus about the constancy of change? 

Want more help!

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